Bo la lot

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 Bo la lot

Vietnamese are masters of wrapping their food. Bo la lot is neither raw nor deep-fried, but flamed on an open grill to soften the exterior and infuse the betel leaf's peppery aroma into the ground beef inside.

 Bo la lot
 Bo la lot

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1. Beef: 500g (For the best way to make grilled beef leaves, you should choose the ribs that have both lean and fat, It will be better.)
2. Leaf Squash + onions + green onions
3.Grass: pepper + wedge seeds + cooking oil + fish sauce


Here are the steps and how to marinate grilled beef tenderly leaved, softly and deliciously:
Step 1: Prepare raw materials for grilled beef leaves
Beef: Wash, slice in thin piece and then chopped. In case you can not choose ribs, you should buy lean meat and loin and then chopped mince.
Leaves: Wash the leaves and then cut off the stem and leaf edges. To have a grilled beef tenderloin with characteristic flavor you can chop a little leaves mixed with beef leaves.
Squeezed are peeled, chopped and put into a bowl.
pick Root leaves and wash, after that cut off the white head, then pass through with boiling water.

Step 2: Follow the steps to make beef grilled leaves the most delicious
Start to make beef dish grilled beef tenderly prepared, you put the minced meat in the bowl and add spices + minced onion + fish sauce + seasonings mix well and wait about 20 - 30 minutes for evenly spread Spice.

After that, bake the beef for 15 - 20 minutes until the meat turns brown.
The aroma of beef along with the characteristic aroma of the leaves and spices create the unforgettable taste of this dish.