Delicious papaya smoothie

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t would be a mistake if you do not know the great effects that papaya brings to your health. Pomegranate fruit is extremely nutritious, helps brighten the skin, brightens the eyes and helps maintain the body shape. To "enjoy" the great effect that papaya fruit brings to our health, do not miss the delicious papaya salad that Vietcuisines shares this hum. A daily cup of vitamins helps prevent skin aging, reduce wrinkles and dark circles, and treat acne effectively. The daily dose of vitamins is a "secret weapon" for our sisters. How to make papaya salad is very simple, easy to do.

Ingredients to be prepared: 
  • 150 ml fresh milk 
  • 1/3 of the papaya ripen 
  • 2 tablespoons condensed milk, 20 ml fresh cream 
  • 1 bowl of ice cubes 
Step 1: To have the glass of papaya smoothie delicious, nutritious then you have to find the well ripen papaya fruit. You should choose a long and heavy papaya, ripen when it is sweet and fragrant, less seeds, and thick. You also need to avoid buying the not well ripen enough. A good Papaya is a common papaya that has two skin layers. The yellow outer shell mixed with green speckles, elongated fruit is usuallya good papaya. Prepare the ripen papaya as follows: 
Wash the papaya, after that peel off, take all the seeds off the papaya then cut into pieces of small square as shown below.

Step 2: Put papaya in the blender. Add 150 ml of fresh milk, 2 tablespoons of condensed milk. If you like smoothies with more sweetness, you can add condensed milk for a smooth and sweet taste to taste it.
Step 3: Next, add 20 ml of fresh milk, ice and mix in the mixture
Finally, we just pour the papaya smoothie into the glass and enjoy. Yeah, it's fast and simple right? With just 3 simple steps, we have a delicious, cool and delicious glass of papaya smoothie. 
Hope this will help you have a delicious glass of papaya smoothie.