8 reasons why American tourists enjoy travelling to Vietnam


GlobalGrasshopper, a global award-winning journal and a rich source of information for those who love self-sufficient travel, recently published a very detailed article full of praise for the country. Vietnam. Jack and Jenn - two bloggers from Who Needs Maps shared the reasons why international visitors love Vietnam so much.

1. Food

Vietnam is a culinary paradise! With French influences, Vietnamese food is one of the freshest and freshest dishes we have ever tried in Asia. Who would have thought that French baguettes would be available in Vietnam? But there are, and they are extremely delicious. From bread (Vietnamese sandwich with pork and pickles), to Pho, then crispy crispy spring rolls, Vietnamese food is indeed the top of the peaks!

2. The Opportunity to explore adventure

You may not have much hope, but Vietnam is really FANTASTIC! Explore the sights in Dalat, sail boat bay in Ha Long, to pull the rice bar in Sapa. Slip sand dunes in Mui Ne. Oh and try climbing and riding that motorcycle, even crossing the road in Vietnam is also a heart-racing adventure! There are many places to explore and explore in Vietnam, you will never have the opportunity to find yourself bored in this place.

3. Attractions are certified by UNESCO World

Vietnam is fortunate to own the landscapes listed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO, the intersection between the natural beauty of nature and the time-lapse of time in history. Halong Bay, Phong Nha National Park (with the world's largest cave), Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Holy Land, and Hue Ancient Capital are just some of the names. This S-shaped country constantly impresses visitors with its beautiful and unique sights.

4. Dine with plastic chairs

Where can you find eateries with plastic seats everywhere like in Vietnam? These cafes serve small tables and chairs for guests to sit in front of, delicious food (you can cook on a hot pan), and beer is unbelievably cheap! A beer only 5 thousand vnd. That is a great way to meet friends.

5. Fantastic coffee

Did you know that Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world? Vietnam has a distinctive coffee culture, and to the people in Vietnam, coffee is a daily drink throughout the day. Everything from coffee to coffee, latte, coffee to condensed milk, and coffee to yogurt (seriously, this dish is very delicious), the taste of all the coffee is delicious. Believe me. Do not miss the coffee in Vietnam, we recounted that also saliva for craving it!

6. The convenience of traveling around 

Vietnam is a bright spot for tourists. Over the years, traveling around here has become much easier and more convenient. Train and bus trips from south to north, boats to the sea or islands are extremely cheap. Transportation in Vietnam is suitable for all travelers and in any city there are stops to get down and transfer vehicles. We even had friends traveling around Vietnam on a motorcycle, listening to it was great! 

7. Interesting museums and a fascinating history

Vietnam has a history of ups and downs and magnificence. You can visit museums to learn more about them. You will learn a lot about the Vietnam War, seeing them with the eyes of a Vietnamese person was truly a heart attack. You can visit the prison in Hanoi, the Temple of Literature, War Museum, Vietnam Military Museum, Cu Chi Tunnels, all of which carry a part of Vietnamese history. to learn and study.

8. Speed ​​of development and dynamism of the city

Motorcycles are everywhere. People crowded in the markets. Street food appears in every corner. Walking through the city, you can feel the dynamic spreading everywhere. Everyone is very friendly, and there are always groups of friends gathering here sitting at this place. The smell of food is extremely tempting. You can also see the whole family gathering together on a motorcycle. It is difficult to explain but once you have arrived, you will feel the energy abundant, and understand why Vietnam is so great.

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